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Removals To Switzerland

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If you're thinking of moving to one of the most beautiful countries in the world , then Switzerland is certainly worth your consideration. If you do decide to move to Switzerland you'll find a country full of history, where the residents are hospitable and friendly.

Switzerland is an very affluent country with one of the highest standards of living in the world: it ranked 9th in the 2004 HDI (Human Developent Index) study conducted by the UN, which assess quality of life all over the world. Life expectancy and standards in education and health are all high in Switzerland, making it an attractive place to live.

Whether you're moving to Switzerland for the superb skiing or the stunning scenery, Removals Brokers can help you. We have companies who specialise in removals to specific regions within Switzerland, with no exceptions; the entirety of Switzerland is available to you through Removals Brokers.

Services provided include:

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Areas covered include:

St Gallen

Our partners' services cover all regions within Switzerland. Call us to discuss your Swiss relocation needs even if the region you need is not mentioned.

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Before obtaining a quote for your removals to Switzerland, work out exactly what you need to take - often moving is a good time for a clearout, so is it necessary to take everything with you? Then contact us with a rough idea of the size of the load, when your possessions will be ready for collection, where you will be moving to, whether there are any access restrictions at either end (ie in the UK or in Switzerland), whether you have any specific requirements (eg we have specialists in removals of fine art and antiques) and whether you need help with packing or require storage of any of your goods.

Your Move to Switzerland

We've included below some useful information and websites to help you in planning your move and new life in Switzerland.

There are lots of differences between the UK and Switzerland, which of course, is one of the principal attractions for people to move to Switzerland. From driving on the right, to a new language to new social customs, it's worth doing your research before you go and being prepared.

If you're buying a holiday home in Switzerland, check your home insurance details for your house in the UK. Many policies are only valid if your home is not unoccupied for 90 days - if you're thinking about spending the winter in your house in Switzerland, contact your UK insurance company.

Driving In Switzerland

As with other countries, Switzerland imposes a strict set of driving rules and regulations that must be followed. Drivers must drive on the right hand side of the road with seat belts being compulsory for all occupants of the vehicle. Headlights should be used at all hours using the dipped setting. If driving in cold conditions snow chains are obligatory with each vehicle also having a red warning triangle in their possession. For a full list of all required items click here.

In order to reduce pollution, drivers in Switzerland turn off their engines when waiting at traffic lights or when they are caught within traffic. Switzerland has very strict laws concerning the parking of vehicles, therefore great care should be taken when parking a vehicle to ensure no laws are being broken.

Language within Switzerland

Switzerland is at times quite a tricky destination to live as there are three official languages. The north of Switzerland speak German, the south of Switzerland speak Italian whilst the west of Switzerland speak French. Depending on the part of Switzerland you are moving to, it is useful to learn the basics of the regions main language as this will help to ensure you integrate more easily with society.

Education in Switzerland

Compulsory education has a duration of nine years and is free of charge to all who attend. After compulsory education there are two choices, firstly there is the general academic route where the pupil learns at a specialist school. Secondly there is vocational training which is an apprenticeship.

The Health System

Patients are free to select the doctor of their choice and there is a number of different specialists available to use. Unfortunately Swiss healthcare is very expensive which in turn makes it superior to a vast number of other countries.

Banking in Switzerland

Opening a bank account can be quite difficult in Switzerland due to the fact banks have the right to refuse new customers. When opening a bank account it is advisable to enquire about a Carte Maestro which can be used at a number of different shops and services. Opening an account is simple and does not require an appointment.

Switzerland Facts

  • The Swizz timezone is GMT + 1
  • Landlocked Switzerland shares borders with France, Germany, Austria, Liechenstein and Italy
  • The capital of Switzerland is Bern, with a population of 127,000
  • The population of Switzerland as of 2010 was 7.6 million
  • The total area of Switzerland is 15,936 sq miles
  • Has kept out of international conflict since the county declared itself independent in 1815
  • Switzerland is not a memeber of the EU, having voted against joining in a referendum in 2001
  • The languages spoken in the country are French, German, Italian and Romansch
  • Religion in Sitzerland is: 48% Catholic, 44% Protestant, 8% other
  • Switzerland was created in 1291; it was made a fully independent nation in 1648

6 Compelling Reasons To Move Switzerland

What do you know about Switzerland? Lots of banks. Lots of snow. Beautiful mountains. Most people don't realise what a wonderful country Switzerland is, and what amazing benefits there are for citizens of this small European country.

Gorgeous scenery. The Swiss Alps are perhaps the most famous mountain range in the world, and easily some of the most beautiful peaks on earth. Other areas of Switzerland offer lush, green rolling hills and perfectly manicured city streets.

Your taxes mean something. Sure, Swiss citizens are taxed more than many other countries, but their dividends come back in the form of free healthcare, public services, a great education system and a clean environment.

Excellent public transport. The Swiss are about on par with the Germans in terms of public transportation: excellent. All Swiss cities are equipped with speedy buses and trams, and are interconnected by a convenient network of trains.

Access to all of Europe. Switzerland is located right smack dead centre in the middle of Europe. It is also a small country, which means that no matter which city you're in, the Swiss border is not far, and the rest of Europe is literally on your doorstep, with countries like Italy, Germany, Austria and France within only a few hours' drive or train ride.

Great healthcare. Along with higher Swiss taxes comes the fantastic Swiss healthcare system, which offers free care to all citizens, anytime, no matter what. This socialised medical system greatly improves the overall Swiss quality of life and brings down Switzerland's statistics regarding disease and death.

Higher salaries. Sure, living in Switzerland costs more. However, the Swiss Franc is an incredibly stable currency and the country is rich, meaning that employees here earn a generally higher wage than in other places.

Erna Low Property provides Swiss properties for sale and accommodation further afield, including much of Europe.

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